Ven.Dr.Brain Russell         The Revd.Peter Hogarth

Chaplain for Norway
The Ven.Dr.Brain Russell
Tel:  +47 22 69 22 14
Mobile Tel: 99472987
Chaplain for South-Western Norway
Officiating Chaplain to British Forces

Parish Office
Anglican Chaplaincy in Norway
C/O Norkirken Sandnes
Gjesdalveien 10
4306 Sandnes
The chaplaincy publishes the  quarterly magazine  Outpost, which is sent to anyone
who asks to
receive it. If you wish to have it posted to you, please contact the
at the British Embassy, 0244OSLO.

Mrs.Cheryl Hogarth
Mobile: 0047 46765713
Our youth worker
Denise Johnson Joakimsen
Mobile 0047 95282388

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