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Worship in English, welcoming all Christian denominations

Stavanger Congregation warmly welcomes you, your family and friends to worship and fellowship.
The Service Starts at 10:30 am. We are an international congregation where people of many differentChristian
traditions and denominations have found a spiritual home. We seek to be a caring community,that offers spiritual
and practical support as well as opportunities for personal growth. We meet at Misjonsmarka 1 4024 Stavanger to worshiptogether each Sunday. We have an active Sunday School, Adult Home Groups, a Young People's Cell group
and we also hold various social events throughoutthe year.

So, whether you are involved in the oil industry, NATO, a student, a long-term resident or a tourist passing through,
you will be most welcome at any of our services. Worship in Stavanger takes place at the  every Sunday at miss
10:30am. Normally the service is Holy Communion,following the Common Worship liturgy (Order One). For much of the
year we operate a Sunday School during the services called the "SCRAPS" Group - "SCRAPS" stands for"Stavanger Children Rejoice and Praise on Sundays". Coffee is served after each service and many people stay for this time of informal fellowship.

Giving directly through your bank to Bethel Congregation (account number: 3201 08 90631).Giving tax efficiently by donating directly to the main chaplaincy account in Oslo (account 7029 05 14973).If you complete your personnummer on the form and donate annually 500-12,000kr, you will receive a tax rebate.

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