La Redoute discounts and promo codes


The latest La Redoute promotions can be found in special section “Yesss to new prices”, “Mini-prices”, and “Outlet”.

But if the item you like is not currently in the promotion, there is still a possibility to buy it cheaper. In this way, you can use La Redoute promo code. La Redoute promo code is a special combination of numbers and letters that rewards with a discount on your order.

A discount on your order with La Redoute promo code is usually not over 30% off the order price. The terms of each promo code may vary, so before applying La Redoute promo code you need to check the terms of the promotion.

Enter a 4-digit La Redoute promo code in the special field at checkout and get your order total automatically recalculated. In addition to a discount, La Redoute promo code can provide a free gift added to your order or get your order delivered for free.

The company regularly sends to its subscribes the information about getting a free gift or discount, so not to miss any special offer and stay in touch with all expected La Redoute deals and promo codes, you need to register on the online store webpage.

How to save with La Redoute even more

  • Subscribe to the newsletter and get your first order delivered for free, and a $7 gift.
  • Save on delivery: enjoy free shipping on orders over $70.
  • Install a mobile app and get free shipping and a 10% rebate on your first order.

La Redoute

The retailer’s range includes a number of fancy models, that help create your unique style. The catalog offers outerwear and underwear, swimwear and jeans, maternity and kid’s products, as well as shoes and a variety of accessories: bags, belts, hats, glasses, etc. Besides, plus sizes are also available. The online retail store also offers household products: bed linen, plaids, covers, towels, hangers, and laundry baskets, and many other products.

La Redoute history and service

The history of the company began in 1873 in Roubaix city, located close to Paris. The textile manufacturer Charles Pollet opened a spinning factory, which in 1922 was on the brink of bankruptcy. To get rid of the remaining products, the owners place a small note in the newspaper about the sale of the discounted yarn. And by the way, that was the day of the beginning of remote trade. Surprisingly, all the products were sold instantly. Later, the first 16-page catalog of clothing is issued, having only 40 models presented. And just a year after that, the brand becomes one of the most popular in the region. In 1963, a quality control laboratory was established so all products could be called signature. In 1968 all products of “Best” brand is under the company’s annual warranty. A year later, La Redoute was one of the first to cooperate with famous designers and models, which made that approach emulated by hundreds of other companies. In 1999 online trade was started with the opening of new stores in other cities of France.

Presently the company stores have over 10 million customers, sales geography covers Europe, Scandinavia, and America. Today the product catalog is issued in 18 languages. The concept of the company – every woman must look flawless and elegant in the clothes of any style. All the models presented in the digital storefronts are of excellent quality. The creative design and accurate forethought of each detail is the feature of the collections.

Exclusive products at affordable prices is the main feature of the brand. The online store always runs promotions and discounts for its clients. The newsletter subscribers regularly get exclusive La Redoute promo codes.

La Redoute shopping benefits

Fashion changes rapidly and it’s not easy to keep up. But La Redoute offers to experiment by creating your own style from a variety of fancy just-ins. Don’t know where to start? Take the advice given on the pages of the online store. You can even chat with a fashion stylist and ask questions. The shoppers can check the news about the latest events in the fashion world, wardrobe selection tips, history of iconic products, stories about the favorite places of Parisian women, and lots of other thrilling information in the “Blog” section. By the way, you can also take part in the discussion of topics you are interested in or give your idea for a future article. How to select the right clothes or shoes, what to look at when creating your own wardrobe – answers to such questions can be found in the “Shopping guide” section.

Please note, the sizes in the online catalog are French, so to avoid picking the wrong size, check the size chart following the tips on the page. By the way, the store range has a Plus Size collection with a nice bonus as one price on all the sizes.

La Redoute product catalog

Each product presented in the catalog is made with love and care for potential clients. Even the most sophisticated shoppers will certainly feel the thoroughness of any detail, the use of quality materials, and creative design. In the catalog, you can find products from the world-famous brands like Wonderbra, Vero Moda, Tamaris, Sam Baron, Fila, DKNY, Anita, Soft Grey, Taillissime, Only, Triumph, and so forth.

La Redoute delivery

Orders can be delivered door-to-door, by post carrier, and also can be collected from the nearest pickup point of Hermes or Boxberry within 10 days at your convenient time. By the way, the list of regions with available pickup points is always updated, so the up-to-date information can be found online at La Redoute or from the operators of the call-centre. Orders can be also collected form PickPoint parcel automats. Anyway, you can choose the most suitable shipping method at checkout.

On orders over $70 delivery is offered free. For orders below $70, the delivery fee is around $3-11; the delivery fee is based on the shipping method and delivery location. The time of delivery depends on the availability of a product in the warehouse in the country; in case it’s out of stock and needs to be delivered from France, additional 8 days might be added to the actual delivery time. In addition to that, delivery time depends on the location of the destination point. By the way, you can check the status of your order online. You just need to log in and go to the “Order Status” section. If there’s no access to the Internet, you can ask for consultant support.